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- Recommended for care of children and housework

Aiza De Pedro (27, Single) has worked in Singapore from 2012- 2015.

Her first employer was a Singaporean family of 4. She helped in taking care of the two children. She prepared breakfast and helped them get ready for school. She send and pick them up from school if needed. When the kids are in school, her day is occupied in cleaning the house, grocery shopping, laundry and ironing. She will cook simple Chinese food for the family like soup and stir fry dishes. She completed her contract with this employer. On her second employer was a family of 4 staying in a HDB flat. Her main responsibility was to take care of their youngest son only when Sir and Madam are at work. Aside from this, she did all housekeeping required. She stayed with them for almost a year and went home to the Philippines.

She wants to go back to Singapore for work so she can provide for her mom and save more money.

Since she was a FDW before, she can communicate and understand English well. She can follow instructions and work independently.

Salary: SGD 550. Availability: Jan 2016.

Single (27)
Ref: AC_008
Upd on 03-Feb-16

Jane Antonio Paguirigan, 26, Single Mom

- Worked in Abu Dhabi, UAE for almost 3 years as a domestic helper. Her main duty was to clean the house, take care of 1 child, assist in cooking if needed. She finished her contract with this family and went back to Philippines.

- She wanted to work abroad to provide for her children. She is a single mom with two children aged 8 and 5. She can take care of infant based on her own experience.

- As not having worked with any Chinese family, she is willing to learn to cook Chinese cuisine with guidance.

Asking salary: SGD 500 Availability: Jan 2016

Separated (27)
Ref: AC_010
Upd on 15-Jan-16
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